April 22, 2011

malam hari bulan cantik

22nd april.

for others, it just a date.
for me, ini hari jadi dia.

it’s kinda frustrating. he want me to be the 1st person to call him and say “happy bithday sayang!”

u  know what happen was, I call him right after my alarm clock rangs at 12, he did answered the phone, but when I say Happy Birthday..(without finishing my sentence), his reaction was like.. hm,oh ok. I want to sleep lor. I’m tired. daaa..

he didn’t event bother to say ..thx!

I’m so pissed off.

So started today, I’ll try my best  not to remember his birthday. hah, I’m not gonna shout at his fb wall too. I don’t care. I don’t give it a damn. pegi sambut sorang2. he never care about others feeling, nor their effort.

awk, u are not a good friend. trust me, u might think u have thousands of FB friends, but one day, when u need a real friend, u’ll struggle to get one.


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