October 21, 2012


Takda orang yang dah sampai ke New Delhi tapi tak pergi ke Taj Mahal.

Agra is only a 2 hours train ride with Bhopal Shatbadi Superfast Train. Train depart everyday at 6o'clock in the morning from New Delhi Railway Station, and reach Agra around 8o'clock (Train stop at Agra Cant, it's about 16km from Taj Mahal) 
uhh ngantok dan sejukk
It is cheap,fare is around RM20 which include breakfast, butter and toast, vadai and puri, curry, black tea/coffee and a bottle of drinking water (they give it for free) and and u also get a copy of newspaper. but the moment of truth-u get to see the most spectacular view- people mencangkung near the railtrack to melepas hajat pagi-pagi. hehehe. 

They serve this for my breakfast on Bhopal Shatbadi
Train  from Delhi to Agra
When you reach Agra Cantt, hundreds of auto driver/taxi driver will surround you like a papparazi. Ignore them-just get out -go find the prepaid auto's booth, which is located on the right side of the railway station. It is safer and at least you can reach your destination without being cheated because the auto driver might try to get you to other places where they'll get a commision for bring in customers. 

Agra Fort Entrance
I stay in one of the cheap hotel near Taj Ganj (cost me Rs400-around RM28 ringgit per night), 10 minutes walking distance to South Gate-South Gate is one of the entry point to Taj Mahal. They have rooftop restaurant, where you can see the magnifient taj mahal and admire her beauty day and night without getting bored (huh ayatt)
Hmm okey la. what else to see in Agra? hmmm you can visit Baby Taj(tak pegi) and Agra Fort, where's Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son haha berebut kuasa katanya. And if you guys want to see the black taj, hire an auto, go to the mehtab bagh, where you got to see taj mahal from the other side of Yamuna river.

If i'm not mistaken, this are one of the last day of my trip in India. My second visit to Taj Mahal, so i'm kinda less excited and i'm freakin tired, still recovering from 11-hours sleepless night train ride in a 3-tier koc, where's the temperature drop to 13 degrees at night [plus] i'm not used to cold weather (saya berdarah khatulistiwa, even in Malaysia i wore jacket all the time),and i'm so hungry-i remember i keep telling my bf all i want is nasik and chiken,nasik and ciken i dont want to go anywhere until i get my nasik and halal ciken, no more veggie and jajan (heh i consume a lot of jajans and drink hell a lot of cokes and mountain dew), my skin get so dry it's itchy and berdarah and my right foot hurt because there is one autos tayar step onto my foot when i was walking to find my nasi and ciken and it pissed me off because i can't find a good nasik and chiken and all the people in Agra only know how to cheat tourist huh and i end up eating ommelets and and toast for my breakfast, lunch and dinner . huhhh!

more and more and more photo of me standing in front of taj mahal. from Mehtab Bagh. haha sorry muka masam,
 i had a fight with my bf this time. ahaha

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