October 22, 2012

Jodhpur the blue city

old city, jodphur
I fall in love with Jodhpur. 
It is a romantic city, yep it is
walking down the street with you love one ahhh nothing is better than that.(hahaha boo)
and of course it was a walk to remember..

There's one time when both of us are busy taking pictures, i left him and i was wandering alone at a small lane, no one's around, then i saw a movement from behind a motorcycle. there is one dog, just wake up from sleep, and he look straight into my eyes, start sniffing around and.......... start barking all of the sudden. then i saw 2 dogs coming from the end of street, running towards me and all i remember is i start running away but i was at the dead end. die! all 3 dogs starts surrounding me and barking and barking and i swing my camera (well actually i swing a canon 5d with 16-35mm f2.8 L lens attached to it) and of course it's not mine but hah i don't care coz that is the only weapon i had with me hahaha and i start swing it and swing it and swing around try to scares the dog down and i jerit looking for help but my bf cant hear me and there's no one around. uwaaa nanges. luckily, one motorcycle pass by, and the rider start yelling and throwing things at the dogs then the dogs left. my bf come and he cant stop laughing at me, and keep telling me the dogs is so distract to skirts i'm wearing ,that is why they are after me. ciss. 

i'm so scared, i cry, i cant walk, my lutut shaking, then we decide to walk back to our hotel. of course i dont want to walk because whenever i met a dog, the dog can feel my fear, they will bark. but we cant take an auto, because the lane is small, then i had no choice and trust me, it is the longest journey i ever take.

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